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P4040009Costilla Conservation District  Meetings

Monthly Business Meeting

2nd Monday of each month
903 Main Street
San Luis, CO
Please R.S.V.P. at 719-672-3673 

           Meeting Agenda-Discussion Items

           Meeting Minutes

           District Reports-Financial and Staff

RGWS Quarterly Meeting

           December 3, 2013-Hosted by Costilla Conservation District

Annual Meeting

 March 9, 2015

           Meeting Agenda

                Welcome------Harold Anderson

                Invocation------Tracy Miller

                Meals-------Joseph Arellano Catering

                Call to Order-----Jerry Gallegos

                Awards/Door Prizes-----Jerry Gallegos

                Conservations of The Year---Robert Quintana (Quintana Ranch)

                Poster Contest Winners-----Judy Lopez

                County Commissioners-----Dolores Burns & Lawrence Pacheco

                NRCS Report-----Tracy Miller & Mike Collins

                Treasurer's Report-----James Fischer

                District Reports-----Harold Anderson & James Fischer

                Acknowledgements to Guests----Harold Anderson and Jerry Gallegos



2015 Workshops

Costilla Conservation District & Rio Culebra Coop.  "High Tunnel" Workshop

        April 17, 2015 from 10:00 to 3:00 p.m. 3rd annual High Tunnel

        workshop and high tunnel tour.  The workshop was held at the Costilla

        Public Health conference room and the high tunnel tour was done at the

        Arnold Valdez farm.     

        Our 4th workshop is planned for the 2015 fall for harvest seasonP6210011 in September

        or possibly October.  The district was awarded a Natural  Resouces  grant                  

        to support our 2015 planned workshops.  These workshops are held in order to

        educate local farmers/landowners who currently have, plan to add and who are

       interested in High Tunnels and High Tunnel growing.  NRCS currently has some

       contracts with some of the farmers who applied for funds through the NRCS EQUIP

       program and have applications submitted for approval.  The Costilla Conservation

       District with the Rio Culebra Cooperative  and NRCS have collaborated in order to 

       educate anyone who is interested in learning about crop growing in High Tunnels also 

       known as Hoop Houses.


Teachers Workshop

              This event will take place on June 6-9, 2014 with RGWSCEI assisted by Trinchera 

              Ranch in hosting a 2 week event which educates teachers within the area on

              conservation.  This allows teachers involved in the event 3 credit hours for

              attending.  Teachers are taken to different locations during the education period of

              the event to tour the surrounding areas. 


CACD 2014 70th Annual Meeting

       November 10-14, 2013 in Loveland, CO.  District board and staff who attended were

       Harold Anderson-Board President, James Fischer-Board Secretary/Treasurer,

       Chris Benton-DCT and Lydia Benton-Office/Business Manager.