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2014 Conservationists of the Year Small Acre Land Owner Division

Robert D. Quintana, Quintana Ranch-RGWS Winner-Rancher Category

 Robert D. Quintana, owns and operates the Quintana Ranch located in San Acacio, Colorado. The 1350 acre ranch raises cattle, alfalfa, grass and oat hay. Robert purchased the farm from his father in 1997, upon graduating from Adams State College with a degree in biology. The Quintana family initially raised hundreds of sheep, some butcher hogs, and a milk cow named Bessie. His father Charlie purchased the land from his father Carlos Quintana in the early 1970s. Likewise, Carlos bought the land from his mother's family. This farm has been in the Quintana family for several generations.

Their actual farm consists of 150 acres which he uses exclusively as cropland. An additional 1200 acres of irrigated land is leased. Robert currently uses a border dyke system as part of his flood irrigation. In a border dyke irrigation system, when water is diverted from the main ditch, water races into smaller ones, through siphon tubes or temporary dams that are created at the outlet to each 'border' so the water spills through onto pasture

In the early 1980s, his father purchased 40 cattle and Robert fell in love with the cattle industry. Today he runs 150 cattle pair that rotationally grazed the ranch property. The ranch also runs a few horses, and some hogs.

The Quintana Ranch is truly a family operation. With help from his wife Crystal and his children, along with his parents, siblings and their families, they cooperatively handle the day to day operations of ranch life. This includes replacing fences, installing head gates, working cattle, baling hay, and of course irrigating.

On tract 197, the ranch maintains an NRCS Conservation Plan. As a result they have a contract to install 2030 ft. of barbed wire fence in order to control the movement of animals, people and vehicles. The plan includes 120.7 acres of pastureland used for prescribed grazing. The grazing is managed according to a schedule that meets the needs of the soil, water, air, plant and animal resource..

Robert also has a conservation contract on tract 175, to start precision land leveling on the existing flood ground. This includes projects to reshape the surface of land to meet grades to facilitate efficient use of water on the irrigated land. Robert will plant high biomass forage, such as cool season grasses with legumes in order to establish pasture production for livestock. He also has a contract for Structure Water Control on tracts 253 and 255; his goal is to install permanent water control structures for a better water management system.

Over the years, Robert has utilized the NRCS programs for multiple projects, His future management plan includes the integration of projects that will mesh together and form a comprehensive management plan for all of his tracts, both owned and leased. The Quintana Ranch works diligently to be good stewards of the land. Like Robert says, "The goal of farming is to leave the land in better condition than it was what he found it".

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Cenntenial Middle School Poster Winners

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2014 Gerald Mathes Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Sierra Grande High School - Ricardo Tomas Valencia-Lucero

Centennial High School - Justine Sanchez

Each student will receive $750.00 towards the tuition of their College choice.

2011 Conservationist of the Year Small Acre Land Owner D Division
Rose Medina

Rose Medina is a fourth generation ascequia/vara strip farmer. Rose got her farming ethic from her mother, Tonita and father, Delfino. As a girl Rose would go with him as he planted, harvested and sold potatoes. Through a districtcost share funding program for ascequia/vara strip farmers. Rose was able to install fencing, 10 irrigation structures and replant her field with quality alfalfa. When you add their commitment to community outreach, product quality to their commitment to conservation you can see why they are Mosca-Hooper Conservation Districts 2011 Farming Conservationist of the Year!


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