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The district works with the Conejos County weed district and supports their efforts in noxious weed control. Board member Myron Price is the head of the Conejos County Noxious Weed Committee and is the board liaison with them and the San Luis Valley Noxious Weed Coordinator

A Conejos County Weed Species of Concern:


If introduced, it can also invade roadsides, hay and alfalfa fields and rangeland. It readily invades disturbed and bare ground areas. It can thrive in either low or high-saline soils. Large monocultures and dense litter layers prevent native plants from regenerating. Pepperweed displaces native plants and wildlife habitats, reduces food quality for wildlife and reduces agricultural and pasture production.

The key to effective control of Perennial pepperweed is preventing establishment of large populations. Early detection and removal of plants if found, is the key to prevention. Planting desirable and competing grasses and forbs can aid in limiting the spread of Perennial pepperweed. Herbicide treatments are a good option if used during the bud to flowering stage of the plant. Once established, containment is key. Details on the back of this sheet can help to create a management plan compatible with your site ecology.

Perennial pepperweed is designated as a “List B” species in the Colorado Noxious Weed Act. It is required to be eradicated, contained, or suppressed depending on the local infestations.

All noxious weeds are non-native species.  They become listed by the State weed advisory board as a noxious weed when it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Aggressively invades or is detrimental to economic crops or native plant communities.

  • Poisonous to livestock.

  • The direct or indirect effect of the presence of this plant is detrimental environmentally to natural or agricultural ecosystems.

All noxious weeds are invasive due to the lack of natural insects and disease to keep their populations in check.

See information about Colorado's Noxious Weed Management Program: